• Precision Care

    We’ve transformed the healthcare experience to improve employee health and employer outcomes.

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    Our unique solution includes testing, tracking and clinical oversight to improve employer outcomes. WITHHEALTH® is here for you and your organization when you need us most.

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  • Vaccine Management

    Vaccine Data Management helps you bring your employees back to work safely while respecting your employees’ privacy.

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  • Workplace Safety

    Our comprehensive solution helps employers onboard employees and safely bring employees back to the workplace.

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WithHealth is Trusted by Employers and their Employees

From CEOs and their executive teams, to employees, production crews and A-list talent, WithHealth partners with organizations to improve employee health and employer outcomes.


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A Personalized & Proactive Approach to Employee Health

WithHealth’s Precision Care program lowers costs and provides better outcomes for employees by utilizing genomics, interoperability, and vital sign devices.

Precision Care includes:

  • Access to Precision Primary, Urgent, Specialty, and Mental Health appointments via telehealth 
  • Care Coordination & Chat
  • A proactive and preventative care plan based on goals, health history, DNA, labs, gut health, environment, and lifestyle
  • Pharmacogenomics reporting -how a person’s DNA affects drug response
  • Precision Care Kit – DNA test, vital devices, and custom lab panel
  • Aggregation of all health records across health systems
  • Direct low-cost access to medical specialty board-certified physicians


A comprehensive program for employers to ensure employees are safe and supported at the workplace.

We are committed to ensuring your experience always includes a HIPAA-compliant platform and lives up to the utmost regulations of protected health information. We have a robust compliance and privacy program at WithHealth that will ensure your privacy every step of the way. This Includes testing, program management, clinical oversight (on-site and/or via telehealth), education, and regulatory/compliance management.


A comprehensive testing solution for productions that includes test management, scheduling and coordination of molecular, antigen and/or PCR tests, clinical oversight (onsite and/or via telehealth), and Health & Safety Services (Covid Compliance).

We have worked with over 75 productions to create an environment where everyone on location feels safe and supported. Our protocols minimize the risks of exposure and spread of COVID-19 with the goal of preventing production shutdowns.


We partner with Tribal Nations and their Health Departments to create needs-based telehealth programs that enhance and expand existing services, providing accessible, affordable, and immediate care. Our Tribal Care Programs reduce barriers and increase access to quality healthcare through low-cost, HIPAA compliant virtual visits and improve overall health for Tribal Citizens.