Part of our Workplace Safety Program

Vaccine Data Management helps you bring your employees back to work safely while respecting your employees’ privacy.

As a trusted independent partner, WithHealth® provides an employee experience that independently verifies vaccination information, stores the data in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards, and provides the needed information to the right team members locally to ensure only those employees meeting the established guidelines have access to business facilities.

As we’re navigating changing times there are many efforts in development including managing of vaccine booster information, visitor registration and waiver, advanced reporting for proactive support, waived employee status and more.

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About WithHealth®

WithHealth, Inc. was founded in 2017 to deliver on the promise of precision care by dramatically changing the healthcare experience to improve employee health and employer outcomes. WithHealth ®, a digital precision care telehealth company, makes genetic-based care affordable, proactive, accessible and preventative by utilizing genomics, digital twin technology, augmented intelligence, and care coordination to provide a 360-degree individualized health profile.