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CEO Cindy Salas Murphy on Slice of Healthcare podcast, EP. 77

“I’m privileged to lead a team of individuals that are passionate about making a difference in healthcare. Our aim is to improve access to care and make healthcare affordable for everybody.”

On Episode 77 of the Slice of Healthcare podcast, WithHealth CEO Cindy Salas Murphy discusses with host Jared Taylor:

  • Her background
  • How she got to where she is today?
  • What is WithHealth?
  • What’s next?

Cindy Salas Murphy, Founder & CEO of WithHealth, participates in Dark Intelligence Group’s Covid-19 STAT intelligence briefing #107

Murphy discusses telemedicine and the clinical lab – pre and post COVID-19, and outlines on-site lab processes and the future of telemedicine/lab partnerships.

SAN DIEGO, CA (Accesswire) – June 9, 2021 – WithHealth, Inc. (the “Company”), a concierge precision healthcare company for employees, announces that Founder & CEO Cindy Salas Murphy will be the featured presenter on Covid19Briefings.com’s LIVE CALL series on June 10, 2021, at noon Eastern. This call, titled Telemedicine and The Clinical Laboratory–Pre and Post COVID-19, explores the role of physicians via telemedicine in clinical oversight and workplace surveillance. Murphy explains how tele-nursing improves sample collection for on-site labs and details how to utilize texting to optimize patient results reporting.

Those interested in attending can register on the Covid19Briefings.com site here.

Murphy will spend some time detailing the pillars of WithHealth’s Workplace Safety program:

Surveillance and Compliance: assessing employee health daily and providing reporting management and education

Covid Triage: Employees receiving access to WithHealth physicians when they are identified as being at risk

Testing: rt-PCR testing through CLIA licensed WithHealth lab or via on-site testing

She also walks listeners through the WithHealth client dashboard as well as enablement of text messaging for patient reporting, and shares some insights into the future of the telemedicine / laboratory relationship.

WithHealth is thrilled to highlight the ways in which the company is ushering healthcare into an era of greater efficiency and cost savings using innovative technology, and – most importantly – to be implementing more personalized care and healthier outcomes for employees.



WithHealth physician Dr. Guillermo Castillo joins Edward Najara and Gavin Wiswell to host the Healthcare Corner podcast, available wherever you listen to podcasts. On this episode, the hosts discuss dealing with Covid during the holidays, the vaccine, testing, proactive solutions, teleheath resources, and more.

Listen to the episode here and find out more at www.hcshow.net