Precision Care

A genomics-based healthcare solution that provides affordable, accessible, and preventative care to employees.

Discover how your organization can utilize genomics to improve employee health and employer outcomes. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How genomics can predict health risks
  • Drug-Gene interactions and why they’re important
  • WithHealth’s full genomic panel
  • How it all comes together for a superior patient experience

How Does it Work?

1. Precision Care Kit – All members receive a Precision Care Kit to facilitate DNA collection, vitals data, and to walk through health goals with one of our Care Coordinators.

2. Integration of Data – Clinical and genomic data are organized by patient systems and lifestyle behaviors in the WithHealth predictive platform. This enables a comprehensive view of the patient’s state of health, efficient identification of key risk areas, and actionable insights.

3. Personalized, Physician-led Precision Care Plan – Powered with actionable genomic and clinical insights, our clinicians create individualized care plans that optimize a member’s health.

4. Ongoing Care – Members meet with clinicians to discuss health goals and have access to our Care Coordination team for additional support throughout the year.

Better Outcomes

Early detection of chronic diseases

Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

Genomics-informed prescribing
right meds, right dose, right time

Improved mental health

Lower Costs

Reduced ER visits and hospitalizations

Improved test and treatment utilization

Improved employee productivity and retention

Improved Experience

Physician-led genomic-based care plan

Access to care through telehealth
and on-demand chat options

Clinicians work hand-in-hand with
member’s Primary Care Providers

Precision Concierge Care

A Personalized & Proactive Approach to Employee Health

WithHealth’s Precision Care program lowers costs and provides better outcomes for employees by utilizing genomics, interoperability, and vital sign devices.

Precision Care includes:

  • Health Assessment based on your DNA profile, electronic health history, diagnostic labs, microbiome, and vital signs
  • A proactive and preventative care plan that is focused on your goals, lifestyle, and environment
  • Pharmacogenomics reporting – how a person’s DNA affects drug response
  • Precision Care Kit – DNA test, vital devices, and custom lab panel
  • Care Coordination & Chat
  • Aggregation of all health records across health systems